Win 3 x sets of SHOUT! and Gross Magic Games

Shout! and Gross Magic Games sweepstakes

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Keep the family entertained over Christmas!

Drumond Park’s unique new team game SHOUT! (rrp £29.99, age 12 to adult – for two or more players) is great for the whole family to play together. It’s bursting with quirky questions and cunning picture puzzles where collaboration is key!

You have to look, link and think – stretching those little white cells to make connections between the nine images you see on each Challenge card… and what your team’s answers are going to be.

Also included in our prize bundle is the UK’s Number One Magic Set, GROSS MAGIC (rrp £19.99). These tricks use a somewhat different class of prop: snot, slime, dandruff, toenail clippings, cockroaches, squashed eyeballs, and more…

Gross Magic also helps you do tricks with rubbish, toilet paper, sludge, soiled hankies, trained fleas, crunching bones and other foul creations. Sick bag not included!

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